Summer 2014

What is Khandroling?

What is Khandroling?  dorin-ben-ami-khandroling.jpg
Khandroling, the Dzogchen Community land in Buckland, was purchased in 1989. Comprised of 220 acres of hills, streams, a pond, meadows, fields and forest, Khandroling offers members several personal retreat cabins, a Stupa, and a bathhouse for retreatants and campers. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu has practiced extensively and given numerous teachings on this land. The development of Khandroling is ongoing. The land hosts the world's first Universal Mandala Hall for the Vajra Dance, to be inaugurated in 2014. A small farmhouse was recently completed on lower Khandroling for Chögyal Namkhai and his family. This homestead is also the location of the Khandroling Farm Co-op, a Community project that practices a culture of sustainability and service to pass on to future generations along with agricultural activities.