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Tsegyalgar East
P.O. Box 479
18 Schoolhouse Rd.
Conway, MA 01341
USA Phone: 413-369-4153
Fax: 413-369-4473

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Thursday, 11:00 AM-4:00 PM

Secretary: secretary@tsegyalgar.org

Gekös: geko@tsegyalgar.org
Or phone Jeremy Keaton:  413-206-9407. This phone number can receive texts and calls for Geko related business. All communications through this phone number will be forwarded to his email address and usually his personal phone. When calling, always leave a message. Please speak clearly your first and last name, the phone number you called from, the best time is to reach you and a sentence or two describing why you are calling. The best way to contact the Geko is through email.

Current Gakyil
Jacob Braverman
Liz Wickhart
Karen Prestwood

Diane Kramer
Dominik Niceva

Cindy Thibeau
Martina Kacurova
Jakub Muller

OTHER **Joe Zyrylo for Encampment applications, jzurylo@yahoo.com

***Jim Valby North American SMS coordinator, jimvalby@gmail.com

GENERAL GAKYIL Contact: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org

Harold Graves, secretary at secretary@tsegyalgar.org For all membership, program, retreat, and general inquires

Geko at geko@tsegyalgar.org for karma yoga, dormitory, and personal retreat and dark cabin reservations

Tsegyalgar West
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our Secretary: TsegyalgarWestSecretary@gmail.com.

If you are in the Los Cabos area and you want to visit, email our Hospitality Director at: twestoffice@gmail.com.

Sorry there is no phone on the land yet. We look forward to hearing from you! tsegyalgarwest.org

Tsegyalgar West Retreat Center
Rancho de los Naranjos
San Jose del Cabo
Baja Ca Sur, México

Tsegyalgar West 2015 Gakyil
Lyobaa Perea Munroy  - lyobaapere@hotmail.com
Gregg Johnson - gajo108@gmail.com

Daphne deFlavia -  daphne.ogyen@gmail.com
Anita Couchonnal - anitanube@hotmail.com

Liza Morell - lizabethmorell@gmail.com
Maria Herrera -  primaverah@gmail.com