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Accommodations on Khandroling

Khandroling is a great place to come for a few days or weeks to do personal retreats and/or practice.  You can rent a retreat cabin or bring a tent to camp in.  Here you can find information on the accommodations at Khandroling along with some important information about staying on the land.

Contact the geko at to make a reservation.

Important information to consider:

At this time none of the cabins have electricity, running water, or bathrooms.  Some of them have lamps in them sometimes, so it is recommended you bring your own flashlight.  A benefit of having no electricity on the land is that it gets very dark at night, which makes star gazing spectacular!  You might want to bring a solar charger with you to charge cell phones or other electronic devices.
There is a bath house on the land for those who stay in the cabins and in camping.  It has two bathrooms with running water, flushable toilets and hot showers.  This water is not potable however.  The cabins are equipped with shovels and toilet paper for emergencies.  There are also two five-gallon jugs of potable water in each cabin for drinking and washing.

Bring bug spray and/or pants with long sleeved shirts.

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