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> Camping at Khandroling this Summer

Camping at Khandroling this Summer

Camping at Khandroling this Summer DSCN0344-camping-web.jpg

Reservations for a camp site for this summer can be made at this time. Sites are limited and will be issued on a first come first serve basis. All applications must be submitted to the Geko with a limit of 2 people per site. Please write to Jeremy at

Most important is that all requests must have a arrival date and a departure date, along with FULL PAYMENT FOR THE SITE. Camping fees are $15 per person/per day the first week, and $10 per person/per day for subsequent days. As was last year, all campers will have access to the bath house and camp kitchen. Bring a cooler to keep perishable food stuffs. Also if you have a cell phone or tablet and need to keep it charged I suggest you bring along a solar charger — search the web there are many such chargers made for camping and will keep devices charged.

Remember: Camp sites will not be reserved until payment is received in full prior to arrival,  and the Geko knows the arrival and departure dates. Membership required.



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Select your own place for setting your tent up, in an open field or in the forest.  Please remember to not keep food in your tent since there are bears in the area.  There is a small camping kitchen space available next to the pond with 2 camping stoves in it.  There is also a small gas refrigerator.  Bring your own plastic boxes to store your food in so rodents do not get in it.  There are many pots and pans for cooking, plates and silverware too.  If you plan to camp at Khandroling make sure to contact the geko first at the email at the top of the page.

Camping Kitchen

Camping Kitchen camping_kitchen.jpg

Khandroling Pond

Khandroling Pond Khandroling-pond-swimmer-web.jpg