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> Introduction to Yantra Yoga

Introduction to Yantra Yoga

Date:May 26th-28th, 2017.


Boulder, CO

Introduction to Yantra Yoga
Instructor: Naomi Zeitz

Bodywork Bistro
3825 Iris Ave #300
Boulder, CO 80301

We will study the system of breathing, the three preliminary series and, if possible, enter into the first series of Yantras. People who know Yantra Yoga can also benefit by going more deeply and also refining what they know.

Open to all.

Friday, May 26: 6pm-8pm
Saturday, May 27: 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm
Sunday, May 28: 10am-12pm and 4pm-6pm

Cost: $30 per Session; $55/day; Weekend, $108

Contact: Keith Hirsch: 808-754-3637 or email:

Naomi Zeitz has been a student of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu since 1987 and has been teaching Yantra Yoga since 2008. She specializes in training in harmonious breathing, working with people with limited physical capacity and of all ages. She was authorized to teach Harmonious Breathing by Fabio Andrico in 2013.

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