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Collective Practices: Please confirm attendance by email to Dzogchen Seattle. As it stands right now, all collective practices are at Daniel and Heidi's in Kirkland. To make sure events are actually happening please rsvp a couple days in advance.

April 22 Fri. - Chod practice 8:00 pm (instruction provided at 7:00 pm)

April 27 Wed. Dakini Day- Gana Puja (Instruction provided 7:00pm)

May 13 Fri. Guru Rinpoche Day Gana Puja (Instruction provided at 7:00pm)

May 27 Fri. - Dakini Day Gana Puja (Instruction provided at 7:00pm)

June 3 Fri. Chod practice 8:00 (instruction provided at 7:00pm)

June 15 Wed. Saga Dawa Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (not visible for us)


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