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Vajra Hall Donate Now

At this moment in time, there are hundreds of Mandalas positioned around the globe in 31 countries with countless pamo (female) and pawo (male) dancers. Please join us in realizing the possibility for Rinpoche to inaugurate the Vajra Hall in 2013 where he will give precious teachings from his new and designated seat, facing his special birch tree surrounding a large rock, which has been central to all of his visits to Khandroling since he first visited the land in 1989.

Estimated Project costs for the Vajra Hall on Khandroling:

Phase one, completed $130,000 USD, paid for by donations from Tsegyalgar members.
Phase two, completed $380,000 USD, paid for by a single donation from a Tsegyalgar member.
Phase three, $600,000 USD to be raised, of which $383,000 was raised in 2011.

Phase three to be completed in 2012 with $217,000 USD.
Phase four, $100,000 USD to be raised

Tsegyalgar East is a tax-exempt 501c non-profit organization.

If you prefer to pay by check, or if your payment for sponsorship of the Thigle section(s) will occur at a future date, please send an e-mail to a contact person. Please send your check to the secretary and remember to specify Vajra Hall. Click Here

Please contact the, or
for wire instructions for the Vajra Hall account.

Yes! I want to support the Vajra Hall Fund with a tax-deductible gift of: (If you intend to donate much more than $1000 USD, it is preferable to pay via check or wire transfer in order to save our paypal expenses).