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Tsegyalgar East Workshop & Event Calendar

Tsegyalgar East Workshop & Event Calendar
Courses, Retreats and Special Events

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters,

Below is the list of the upcoming events at Tsegyalgar East. We will keep you informed as more details become available, in the meantime mark you calendars.

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Upcoming Events
1/9-2/27Breathe/Kumbhaka 8 week course
TE: 5-6:30pm Mondays with Paula Barry
1/28-5/20Yantra Yoga, Pranayama and Yantras of one of the Five Series
Third Series: Saturday March 18th
2/25-3/1Losar Weekend: Purification of 6 Lokas & Vajra Dance
RSVP by 2/23 for Sat. Divination Soup
3/5Worldwide Transmission Explanation
7pm - TE Gonpa and via call-in number
3/11Worldwide Transmission of Guru Garab Dorje
Webcast and projected at TE Gonpa
3/25-3/26Irregular Dance of the 3 Vajras Practice Weekend
3/30Emotions: A Mindful Approach
Public talk with Steven Landsberg
3/31-4/2The importance of Santi Maha Sangha Base
SMS Base retreat with Steven Landsberg
4/8-4/9Yantra Yoga - Breathing & Kumbhaka Course
with Naomi Zeitz
4/22-4/23The Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings Course
7/17-7/232nd Annual Summer Celebration
7/24-8/6 International Yantra Yoga Teacher Laura Evangelisti
8/7-8/21International Vajra Dance Teaching Prima Mai