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Date: July 21st-29th, 2018.

3rd Annual TE Summer Sangha Retreat

3rd Annual Tsegyalgar East Summer Sangha Retreat on Khandroling - The Land of the Dakinis

Come practice with us this summer on Khandroling - The Land of the Dakinis for Tsegyalgar East's 3rd Annual Summer Sangha Retreat

Saturday, July 21 - Sunday, July 29, 2018
Save the dates, we await you!

Retreat Program Includes:

  • Worldwide Transmission (WWT) Explanation & Projection of the WWT webcast
  • Khaita Joyful Dances with Alejandra Krasnogor
  • Santi Maha Sangha with Michael Katz
  • Sitting Practices
  • Vajra Dance with Bodhi Krause & Carisa O’Kelly
  • Yantra Yoga with Paula Barry
  • Papermaking & Caligraphy sessions with the Khandroling Paper Coop
  • More Activities, Practices and Instructors to be Announced!
  • Summer Sangha Retreat Schedule TBA soon

Reserve today, or simply show your support. Your $50 deposit helps fund the retreat and sustain our Gar's programs.
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