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Date: August 1st-9th, 2019.

Second Level Vajra Dance Teacher Training
with International Vajra Dance Instructors
Prima Mai and Adriana Dal Borgo

To participate in the Second Level Teachers Training, it is required that Vajra Dancers know well the steps of the female (Pamo) and the male (Pawo) of the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra, and want to deepen their knowledge and experience of the practice.

Please email: bluegakil@tsegyalgar.org if you plan on participating in the Teachers Training. We need to submit a list of participants to Prima and Adriana prior to the training. 

Fee for Teachers Training: TBD

Other interested community members can participate as the teacher candidates offer short explanations of the dance steps. In this case they should know very well, either the female or male steps of the Vajra Dance of the Song of the Vajra.

Other Participants Fee: 

Also if a community member would like to just 'listen,' what we call observers, they are also welcome. In this case they can give a donation for the course.

Observer Donation