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Date: June 24th, 2017.

TE Annual General Assembly &  Ganapuja

TE Annual General Assembly & Ganapuja

This upcoming Saturday, June 24th at 4pm at the Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse Gonpa, there will be a General Assembly of Tsegyalgar East members followed by Ganapuja. This is a great opportunity to get involved and directly find out about our Gar's past, present and discuss together our future situation. If you cannot attend personally, but you know someone who will, you can designate that person as a proxy. All practitioners can participate, only paid members can vote. For those of you wanting to join the General Assembly but who are not able to be there in person; you can be there virtually. To connect go to: http://webcast.dzogchen.net/index.php?id=tsegyalgar password: TORMA Please note the webex call-in will be canceled as it conflicts with the current Webcasting. To participate, you can instead email gakyil@tsegyalgar.org We'll read out loud any question or comment you send our way. Thanks and see you soon, Tsegyalgar Gakyil TE Assembly Agenda
  1. 2017 Budget
  2. Five year Strategic Plan: Year 1 2017
  3. Presentation of New Gakyil Candidates
  4. Update on IDC TGE Alignment
  5. Q&A