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Date: May 26th, 2018, including 06/02/18.

Karma Yoga Get Together

Karma Yoga Get Together
On Khandroling the Land of the Dakinis

Location: Khandroling, Buckland, MA
Date: Saturday, May 26 & June 2
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Please join me on Khandroling this coming Saturday, May 26th from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Your help is appreciated whether you can come for one or five hours - your support is invaluable!

There is plenty to do to get our precious land ready for the summer season. Please wear comfortable clothing, wear sunblock and insect repellent, and bring plenty of water to drink.

This Saturday's to do list includes:

  1. Cleaning cabins and bringing in needed supplies
  2. Organizing and cleaning pond cabin
  3. Setting up hammocks
  4. Mowing
  5. Cutting back brush
  6. And more....

We will continue our Karma Yoga work the following Saturday, June 2 (raindate Sunday, June 3) by dedicating the day to cleaning, decluttering. weeding, mowing Lower Khandroling and around the perimeter of Rinpoche's house.

Thanks for your participation, I look forward to seeing you!

David Hayes,
Tsegyalgar East Geko
Email: geko@tsegyalgar.org