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Dates: Starts on September 26th, 2018 and occurs every week on Wednesdays

Category: Vajra Dance

Location: Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse Gompa

Vajra Dance Tun

Vajra Dance Tun

Location: Tsegyaglar East, Schoolhouse Gönpa
Time: 6:45pm-7:45pm (except when there is a Ganapuja schedule)

Vajra Dance thun (Vajra Dance of Space 12A, Dance of Song of the Vajra, Six Spaces and Three Vajras)

Please note that all Mandalas are available whether the official Vajra Dance Tun is scheduled at the Tsegyalgar East Schoolhouse or Khandroling. Please use TE-Vajra-Dancers@googlegroups.com to communicate with your Vajra Dance peers (contact BlueGakyil@tsegyalgar.org if you would like to be added to the googlegroup).