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Global Vajra Hall Participation

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Between 2008-2010, the Dzogchen Community of Tsegyalgar East has successfully completed the first two phases of construction of the Vajra Hall with donations of $516,000 USD from the local community.
Starting in 2010 our Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu opened participation in this project to all members of the International Dzogchen Community. At a time when there are many worthy Dzogchen Community projects all over the world, we invite you to help complete this very large and important project manifesting from Rinpoche's vision.

The budget for completing the Vajra Hall over the two year period of 2011 and 2012 requires an additional $600,000 USD for Phase 3. In 2011 donations and pledges from the worldwide Dzogchen Community reached $383,000. This leaves a balance of approximately of $215,000 to be raised during 2012. It is our wish and intention to complete the construction this year in order to be ready for the Vajra Hall inauguration, which Rinpoche specified would occur in 2014. The realization of the Vajra Hall, the temple of Goma Devi, is unique in the world and very meaningful for all dancers of the Song of the Vajra and practitioners of Jhanadakini, Goma Devi and Mandarava.

Summary of Project Costs

Total Cost: $1.12 million USD - Amount Donated for prior phases 1&2: $516,000 USD
Amount raised should reach our goal of $600,000 USD, when pledges are fulfilled.
Any excess will be needed for the final (phase 4) completion (decoration, landscaping, finishes).
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The first Universal Mandala at Khandroling, where the Vajra Hall is now under construction.