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Tsegyalgar East Spring 2017 Newsletter

Dear Vajra Brothers and Sisters 
We have exciting news to share with you and in our haste to get the word out, we forgot to include our greeting. So we wanted to send this out again with just a short personal hello to All. We are wishing each one of you a pleasant and auspicious Spring and look forward to seeing you at Tsegyalgar this Summer.

IDC Alignment - BACK ON TRACK! 
As many of you know Tsegyalgar East’s alignment with the IDC was halted back in August of 2016. Three members of the Gakyil had the good fortune to be in Dzamling Gar for the Mandarava Drubchen and while the schedule was too full to have a meeting with Rinpoche we left him our yearly report and a letter asking for his permission to align. This led to further communication with Rinpoche in writing ,and in his immense generosity, kindness and patience he has given us the green light to continue to purse our alignment with the IDC. We are also in the very beginning stages of a new conversation with the IG and are waiting to hear more from them on our next steps. We will share more with you as we learn about this ourselves.

Dzamling Gar Tsegyalgar House -  COMPLETED 
Thanks to all of our donors, sponsors and most of all our guests who with their booking and reservation contributed towards completion of our Dzamling Gar house in Tenerife. Completion of the house was a very specific request, (together with the IDC alignment) given by Rinpoche to our Gakyil back in 2014. Completing it was the first logistical step towards obtaining the permits for the Dzamling Gar Gonpa Construction, a project of top priority. As Rinpoche often says, the completion of this Gonpa is for the future of our Dzogchen Community. 
Schoolhouse Grant:  PRE-APPROVED 
Thanks to Ed Matheny and Matt Hayat for preparing a professional grant proposal on behalf of Tsegyalgar East. In February, we submitted a grant application to the Town of Conway, MA to help subsidize the repairs and restoration of The Conway Schoolhouse.  In the preliminary meeting of the Grant Review board Tsegyalgar East was Approved for $60,000 pending final approval in May of 2017. If approved it will provide funds for the Schoolhouse roof to be fully renovated. If you want to help with fundraising for this project contact: gakyil@tsegyalgar.org 

The last seven months have been marked by an increased effort to collaborate well between large and small groups of TE members both local to the Gar and across our membership area. During this time the Gakyil created a road map wherein a 5 Year Strategic plan gives us the framework to support and help grow Tsegyalgar into a thriving sustainable center for the Dzochen Teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu in North America.

This plan is an effort to invite further collaboration from and among ALL our members. So far we have had 5 separate meetings of more then 40 people including a variety of members from several locations. We'll be calling 3 more meeting and then begin the second phase where brainstorming ideas will be converted into actionable projects. if you wish to join or learn more email: yellowgakyil@tsegyalgar.org 

This year will be a critical one for our finances. Without a major retreat with Rinpoche, by the end of this year we'll have used up our reserve fund of $50,000 to fulfill our budget.  We urgently need major donations. Our fund-raising goal is $75,000, to fulfill the budget and have something left over to start 2018.  We want to thank all the generous donors in the past who have stepped in and helped. We want to encourage people to contribute whatever is possible, every donation counts: Donate today 

Our membership is still down - 154 Members, this includes Kundrolling, If you forgot to renew please don't wait at the end of the year!  We need your participation now. Your donation helps organize events we had planned for upcoming Summer Season at Khandroling !  Register now 

Summer Programing: PRACTICE ON! 
You are invited to participate in the 2nd Annual Tsegyalgar Summer Celebration! We have planned an awesome 7-day gathering on the Land of the Dakinis that will include an intensive practice retreat offering daily collective practice, community collaboration, dancing, music, food, and more. Learn more and preregister here.

We are very excited to welcome Laura Evangelisti and Prima Mai this Summer in Khandroling and New York. Link to event calendar

DCA & SSI Collaborations:

DCA in collaboration with SSI and led by Matthew Schmookler will prepare a local Khaita team to participate in the march of the 250 year anniversary of Conway. In addition to the march, during the celebrations on Friday, June 16th and Saturday, June 17th, and June 18th, the local town organizers have accepted the proposal to do a demo of Khaita, Vajra Dance and Yantra Yoga for the public for the public. To participate contact  matthews108@gmail.com.

A Meditative Approach to Creativity with Tibetan Calligraphy Artist Tashi Mannox

Matt and Katya Schmookler will also be teaching a course in Khaita Joyful Tibetan Dances June 10 & 11
Learn More

For more question or any ideas and suggestions please feel free to contact Tsegyalgar East Gakyil: gakyil @tsegyalgar.org


The Tsegyalgar East Gakyil

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