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Capital Fundraising Campaign

The Tsegyalgar East Gakyil is pleased to report that we have raised $10,100 during our recent Capital Campaign Drive to revitalize and refurbish our buildings and grounds at the Gar and Khandroling. This was accomplished through the generosity of over 30 members, near and far, and generous gifts to match donations. We are very grateful for this show of support.

One of our 2018 Capital Campaign goals is 100% participation. We want to show that we are all collaborating and focusing on the same goal, which is to preserve and maintain the land and facilities here at Tsegyalgar East and at Khandroling so that we all have a place to collectively practice the precious teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Therefore, we are making an appeal to all members who have yet to participate, and we ask that you make a small gift through Paypal for $10 or $25, or whatever you can manage, so that you too can join us in this important endeavor and help us reach our collective goal.

Your participation is very meaningful, as it shows your commitment to our community and helps ensure the physical upkeep of our Gar as well as showing your continued support of our programs and activities.

Please make a PayPal gift, even a token amount, to the Capital Campaign today and let us know you care by June 30.

Thanks for your support!

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