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Capital Fundraising Campaign

The Shang Shung Institute and Tsegyalgar East both have their origin in the remarkable vision of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. While each of these two organizations has a different focus, they are ultimately two sides of the same coin, which is the preservation and transmission of the universal treasure that is Tibetan culture in general and the Dzogchen teachings in particular.

In North America, these two organizations – and their all-important work – have their main institutional home in a handful of buildings in and around Conway, Massachusetts. These facilities play a crucial role in the preservation of Tibetan culture in general and Dzogchen teachings in particular. We are now in a capital fundraising campaign to make renovations and improvements at these properties, so they can better serve this joint purpose.

We are hoping you will support this vital project with a donation to our Capital Fundraising Campaign, which runs through May 29. A number of generous donors have agreed to match donations up to a total of $12,500, so your donation will have double the impact!

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