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Dzamling Gar House

Tsegyalgar East / West home

Our Dzaming Gar Tsegyalgar House contains 4 apartments on the 1st floor (2 semi private rooms, 2 private apartments, 4 beds) and 1 apartment on the 2nd floor (2 semi private rooms, 2 beds). The house, has a garden and access to the main swimming pool. The house provided for our activities in the Dzamling Gar is shared together with Tsegyalgar West.

Payment in USD:

Who can reside at Dzaming Gar Tsegyalgar House?
Our Dzamling Gar House accommodation is reserved to Members of the Dzogchen Community. A current year paid membership is a requirement.

What it means to reside in Dzamling Gar House?

How long I can stay?
Accommodations are restricted to 30 days maximum. Longer term stays are pending gakyil approval and special circumstances.

How do I reserve?
Any interested member of the International Dzogchen Community is welcome to make an application to reserve accommodation in Dzamling Gar by communicating to the Gar where they have established membership. During retreat time Tsegyalgar Members have the first priority of reserving the space.

If you wish to make a reservation for Tsegyalgar Dzamling Gar House 11 please contact:
Dominik for Tsegyalgar East -
Giorgio for Tsegyalgar West -