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Master Calendar

How to Read Our Events and Retreats Calendars
Look under our Tsegyalgar East Weekly and Special Events Calendar for local events in Conway, MA or Vajra Hall Buckland, MA.

See local centers weekly practice calendar for regularly scheduled practices

Upcoming Events
1/11-3/8SMS Base - Session III - "The Views of the Nine Yanas"
(7:30pm on 2/8 due to Ganapuja) TE Schoolhouse Gonpa and via MP3 replay
1/11-2/29Yantra Yoga for SMS breathing
Mondays, 5:30pm-6:45pm (canceled on 2/8/16)
2/5-2/7The Vajra Dance that Benefits Beings (The Six Spaces)
Santa Fe, New Mexicao
2/7-2/11Losar & Pre-Losar activities at the Schoolhouse
2/7, 2/8, 2/9 and 2/11/16
2/7-2/14VAJRA DANCE with Anya Neyman
Tsegyalgar West
2/9-2/22Mandrarava Drubchen Feb 9-22 webcast
TE Practice and webcast projected in the Gonpa
2/9-2/22 Losar and Mandarava Drubchen Retreat
Webcast from Tenerife
2/18Worldwide Guru Yoga Transmission Explanation
7-8:30pm - schoolhouse Gonpa or Call in
2/21WWT - Webcast Projected at Tsegyalgar East Gonpa
2/21Worldwide Transmission Anniversary of Garab Dorje
2/23-2/25Purification of Six Lokas ‘Group Practice’
2/26-2/28Song of the Vajra Dance: Beginners / Refresher Course (Part I)
TE: with Carisa O'Kelly
2/26-2/28Dream Yoga and Practice of Clear Light Retreat
Tsegyalgar West
3/5-3/21Dance of the Song of the Vajra with Carisa O'Kelly
Dondrubling, Berkeley, CA
3/25-3/27Theory & Practice PERMACULTURE
Tsegyalgar West
3/27-4/1The Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga: Teacher Training Part I
with Fabio Andrico at Kripalu (Mass.)
5/20-5/22Song of the Vajra Dance: Part II
with Carisa O’Kelly
5/28Song of the Vajra Dance Practice Session
with Carisa O'Kelly
6/10-6/12Song of the Vajra Dance: Part III
with Carisa O'Kelly