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Master Calendar

How to Read Our Events and Retreats Calendars
Look under our Tsegyalgar East Weekly and Special Events Calendar for local events in Conway, MA or Vajra Hall Buckland, MA.

See local centers weekly practice calendar for regularly scheduled practices

Upcoming Events
4/25-5/30SMS Base - Session IV Meditation Practices of the Nine Yanas
with Lynn Newdome
5/27-5/30Deepening Course in Dance of the Song of the Vajra
with Bodhi Kraus
5/27-5/30Song of the Vajra Dance: Beginners / Refresher Course (Part II)
TE: with Carisa O'Kelly
5/30Semdzin Memorial Day Retreat
Arrive 9:30am for setup
6/3-6/7Tsalung Retreat - Open Webcast
Open Webcast from Dzamling Gar
6/4Karma Yoga Day on Khandroling
6/10-6/12Song of the Vajra Dance: Part III
with Carisa O'Kelly
7/2Shang Shung Institute
(Free Event) Experience the Joy of Mindful Presence
7/2Shang Shung Institute - Open House (Free Event)
Experience the Joy of Mindful Presence
7/31-8/7Tsegyalgar Summer Celebration of Practicing Together
Updates as of 5/28
8/13String Mandala Club
Learn and construct your own portable string Mandala (listing updated 5/28)
9/8-9/10Communication Skills Course with Gianfranco Brero
Course is Mandatory and Limited to teachers in the Dzogchen Community