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Master Calendar

How to Read Our Events and Retreats Calendars
Look under our Tsegyalgar East Weekly and Special Events Calendar for local events in Conway, MA or Vajra Hall Buckland, MA.

See local centers weekly practice calendar for regularly scheduled practices

Upcoming Events
11/15-12/20Yantra Yoga Series with Naomi Zeitz
Sundays 11/15-12/20, Fire And Water Yoga Studio, Amherst, MA
11/23-12/14Refuge & Bodhicitta
Session II of “Demystifying Santi Maha Sangha: The Base in (about) 30 Easy Lessons”
11/25Practicing Together Mandarava Ganapuja
Webcast from Kunkyabling (Czech) - projected at TE Gonpa
11/27-11/29SMS Level Two Retreat with Jim Valby
Tsegyalgar East
11/27-11/29Permaculture & Natural Eco-cultures Seminar
Tsegyalgar West - Weekend workshop with Jose Avina
12/8Special Vajra Dance Day with Costume
Rinpoche`s Birthday (Conway, MA - Schoolhouse Gonpa)
12/8Special Vajra Dance Day with Costume
Rinpoche`s Birthday TE Event Calendar
12/12Vajra Dance - Meditation in Movement
Boulder, CO - taught by authorized instructor: Leela Whitcomb-Hewitt
12/12-12/15The Eight Movements to Purify the Prana Teacher Training Certification
with Fabio Andrico at Yoga Tree/ Yoga Works Mission Studio San Francisco
12/13Bodhisattva Practices
Part of the “Refuge & Bodhicitta” course, Open as stand alone session.
12/17-12/21SMS Training Base Level & Mahayoga Retreat
Tsegyalgar West
12/27-1/2Holiday Retreat with Nina Robinson- Mandarava
Tsegyalgar West
1/22/16-1/24Weekend permaculture workshop with Jose Avina
Tsegyalgar West
2/26/16-2/28Dream Yoga and Practice of Clear Light Retreat
Tsegyalgar West
3/25/16-3/27Natural & Regenerative Farming Seminar
Tsegyalgar West
3/27/16-4/1The Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga: Teacher Training Part I
with Fabio Andrico at Kripalu (Mass.)