> Webcast Practices from Merigar West

Date: October 22nd-28th, 2018.

Webcast Practices from Merigar West

Dear Vajra Family.

Webcast practices from Merigar West

  • 10:00 (GMT+2) Vajrasattva Purification and Twenty-Five Spaces of Samantabhadra - 4:00am (ET)
  • 17:00 (GMT+2) Medium Ganapuja 11:00am (ET)

Wednesday October 24 Full Moon Ganapuja with Dance of the Vajra - 11:00am (ET)

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Vajrasattva practice:
Vajrasattva Purification & 25 Spaces of Samantabhadra

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All together in the same state. 
All together purifying our Samaya. 
All together keeping the Precious Teachings in our heart.

Warm and kind regards,

Webcast Team

P.S. Audio explanation of Vajrasattva practice by Adriano Clemente, and practice itself at: