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> Open Webcast from Merigar West with Choegyal Namkhai Norbu

Open Webcast from Merigar West with Choegyal Namkhai Norbu

Date:September 21st-27th, 2012.



21st -27th September 2012
Zhitro Khordas Rangdrol

the terma teaching of Ridzin Jyangchub Dorje.

(6 hours earlier EDT)

21st Sept. 10am-12pm.

Introduction about this Teaching and the transmission of Ati Guru Yoga related with the tridlung of Short Thun Practice.

22nd Sept. 10am-12pm.

Giving more detail explanation about the teaching of Zhitro and its different methods.

23rd Sept. 10am-12pm.

Give a Donwang of Zhitro Khordas Rangdrol.

24th Sept. 10am-12pm.

Giving instruction about the essential practice of the Zhitro Khordas Rangdrol.

25th Sept. 10am-12pm.

Giving instructions how we do the practice of Zhitro for the living and dying people.
12,30pm - 1pm. We do a Short Gana Puja for the day of Guru Rinpoche.

26th Sept. 10am-12pm.

We do the practice of Jyangchog for all dead people who we have good or bad relations.

27th Sept. 10am-12pm.

Giving some advices for the daily life practices and tridlungs of collective practices and so on. We also do an Ati Guru Yoga altogether for finishing our retreat.

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