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> Retreat of Ati Yoga at Meriling

Retreat of Ati Yoga at Meriling

Date:March 7th-11th, 2014.

Open Webcast
East Coast, USA (-5 GMT 3/7-3/8) (-4 GMT 3/9-3/11)

“Dorsem Rigdrug Nasjyong” 

7th March 5-7pm
Introduction of this retreat teaching and Ati Guru Yoga.

8th March 10am-12pm
Giving Transmission of this teaching with its instruction. 
9th March 10am-12pm
Giving more clear instruction of this retreat teaching and then we do this practice altogether.

10th March 10am-12pm
We do this practice intensive altogether.

11th March 10am-12pm
Giving advices and some tridlung of collective practices.  We finish our retreat with a practice of Guru Yoga.?  
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